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NOTE: If you are new to cash value Life Insurance & unsure of how to help your client determine what is best for their situation, here are a few questions to get you started:

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Yes - Cigarette or Pipe
Yes - Chewing Tobacco
Yes - Cigar
If unsure, is your client overweight?
Preferred Plus (no meds, no family history, perfect ht/wt etc...)
Preferred (good ht/wt, good family history, HBP or cholesterol controled by meds)
Standard Plus (not all companies have this category)
Standard (average person in America, average ht/wt, no major health issues etc...)
Preferred Tobacco (good ht/wt, good family history, HBP or cholesterol controled by meds)
Standard Tobacco (average person in America, average ht/wt, no major health issues etc...)
Table Rating (if known, list table rating below with health history)
Unsure (list ALL known conditions, dates, and medications with dosages below:)
ULGuaranteed ULIndex ULWhole LifeUnsure
Guaranteed Universal Life
Indexed Universal Life
Current Assumption UL
Whole Life
Cash ValueDeath BenefitBoth
Premium AmountFace AmountBoth
Default (based on historical look back)
2% of annual salary
4% of annual salary
6% of annual salary